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West End Penthouse Interior Design - Living Room


We are a New York City based interior design studio with projects throughout Manhattan, the Hamptons, Miami, and Los Angeles.  We create unique, irresistible homes that epitomize luxury and convenience - all while maximizing your property's value and return on investment.

We offer bespoke interior design tailored to your unique tastes and preferences, as well as expedited turnkey packages intended to get you living in and loving your new home as quickly and effortlessly as possible.


Captivating interior design that infuses modern convenience with breathtaking visuals to create a restorative oasis unlike any other.

Turn-key model units that infuse sophistication and style to help prospective buyers envision themselves in their future home and then move right in 

Staged-to-sell design guaranteed to make your listings irresistible to buyers and dramatically increase luxury home sales





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"Paul took our apartment from something bland and predictable, to a chic and vibrant home with personality and timeless style."

— Ru Vallury, Interior Design Client, 56 Leonard Street

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"Paul’s eye for design instantly transformed our model units from just another unit in the New York City housing market, to something so eye catching that prospective buyers never stopped asking about them."

— Joshua Judge, Senior Global Real Estate Advisor, Sotheby's International Realty

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Paul de Andrade

Hi, I’m Paul de Andrade - founder and principal designer of Studio Kestrel.  My passion is to help my clients create homes that will change their lives - homes that exude style, originality and comfort.  And all the while, designing spaces that will grow in value, dazzle in photography, and ultimately be irresistible to prospective buyers and renters.


As a former engineer and journalist, I believe that systems, organization, and communication are paramount in any collaborative project - especially interior design.  At Studio Kestrel, every step of our design process is built around efficiency and transparency.  Creating an enjoyable client experience is at the heart of everything that we do.


Great design - design that captivates you and transforms the way you live - is what we deliver.  For us, it’s so much more than selecting furniture, designing cabinetry, or painting walls - it’s about helping you discover what you really love and how you want to be seen by the world.


So if you’re ready to get started on a journey that will show you a way of living like you’ve never imagined before, contact us and let me show you what Studio Kestrel can do for you.


Sotheby's Reside Magazine

RESIDE Magazine, Fall 2022

At Studio Kestrel, we transform homes into works of art that will inspire you each day and bring joy to everyone that walks through your door.

Interior design that infuses warmth, natural light, and organic form to create a luxurious oasis unlike any other.

Are you ready to take your property to the next level?

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